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Fri 11/05/2018


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MiB News #10, 20 February 2019

Semester Two, Rounds 2, 5 February, 3, 12 February and 4, 19 February 2019:

First up,apologies for the delays in getting this important update out to our Mates. Hopefully I am now on the home straight to allow me get me back into full action.

Round 2, 5 February

Green 1
In second place St Jimmy's Lads with 3 wins, 12 ends & differential of 13 (God was not with them on this occasion!). Winners were Rock n Bowl with 3 wins, 15 ends and an awesome differential of 23.

Green 2
Second place to Rates Mates with 3 wins, 13 ends + 21; Winners with 3 wins, 14 ends +16, Wombles.

RochkBowl12219 Wombles12219
Rock n Bowl - Apologies i'm a little out of touch with the names here.
However the registered team composition is Simon Hendry, Leanne Hendry,
Sandra Berney and Paul Berney.

Wombles - David Miller, Bruce Harris and Big Grinner Neville Heffernan

Round 3, 12 February

Green 1
Gotta Bowl 3 wins, 13 ends and 2nd was Holmes Detention 3 wins and 12 ends.

Green 2 
Three teams with 3 wins - Masters 10 ends, Three Stooges 15 ends and the Winners Cyclists 16 ends

 GottaBowl190219  Cyclists190219
 Gotta Bowl - Maureen & Danny Fairweather  Cyclists - Ted Clay & Jeff Marchant

Round 4, 19 February 2019

Green 1
Three teams with 2 Wins and a Draw in second place - Holmes Invaders, Eileen's Lot and St Jimmy's Lads one's to watch! Winners with 3 Wins, Javelins.

Green 2 
Rock n Bowl and and Hayden's Heroes with 2 Wins and a Draw with R & B Glass with 3 Wins taking the podium as Winners.

As it appears that the First Earl of Snowdon was not in attendance (hardly likely anyway as he passed on in 2017) I do not have any photos - apologies.

Alison is away for the next 2 weeks so I will be back overseeing things. Please do not forget to advise unavailability by noon Monday to admin@huttbowls.co.nz .




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