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Fri 11/05/2018


Fridays 3.pm

Mon 14/05/2018


Mondays 12.15 pm

HBC Community Bowls - "Mates in Bowls"

MiB News #11, 28 February 2019

Semester Two, Round 6, 26 February 2019:

This was our second night with a full muster and 16 Rinks in play. Good for the Club and judging by the atmosphere good for the participants too.


Green 1:

Lots of 2 Winners, but Runner-up with 2 Wins and a Draw, The Outlaws and Winner with 3 Wins, MPs.

Green 2:

3 Teams with 3 Wins: Cyclists, R & B Glass and Gotta Bowl all of which had won before thus ruling out contention for the Wine.
6 Teams with 2 wins of which 4 had won before, leaving LT McGuinness with +6, 9 Ends as Runner-up and Triple J +8, 11 Ends as the Winners on the night.

It should be mentioned that Bill Jackson with his vast experience had juggled a little with the Draw with a view to enhancing  the competition. It seems to have worked very well indeed. 

 MPs26219  TripleJ26219
 MPs: Dale Rittossa, Maureen Peters, Raewyn Roberts  Triple J reduced to 1, Jeremy Smith

Special Award:

With Triple J having to make up numbers by borrowing players from the opposition (and many thanks to those 2 teams for assisting) we were left with a surplus bottle of the good stuff. This was awarded to Robert Coley of Team B & R for his final Bowl in the 3rd game - a 4 point turn around by trailing the Jack a foot through to go 2 up.

Final Night next week, 5 March:

This is to confirm that next week will be the final night of MiB for the 2018-19 Season. Many thanks for your patronage.

Les Taylor Memorial Tournament:

Les Taylor flyer 2022 LesTaylorMemorialTrophy6

Register interest to admin@huttbowls.co.nz or online through here.  

Team and individual entries invited. This is an "Open" event. Club membership is not required.

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