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Fri 11/05/2018


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Mon 14/05/2018


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HBC Community Bowls - "Mates in Bowls"

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MiB News #9, 2 February 2019

Semester Two, Round 2, 29 January 2019:

Alison reports:

"Green 1
some close results with 7 teams recording 2 wins, however the winning team was Triple S with 2 wins and a draw.





Triple S - the 3 Smiths

Green 2

A close competition again with 2 teams recording 3 wins, Balls Up and Rates Mates.  As Balls Up won last week they couldn't win again, however Mates Rates managed to Pip them anyway, with 12 ends each, and a differential of 7 to Balls Up and 14 to Mates Rates.




Wayne, Geoff and Ian (not necessarily in the correct order, sorry).

The guy in the middle looks as if he has had an harassing day with ratepayers?

Well done to both Triple S and Rates Mates."

All's GO for Tuesday next, Pension Day for us old buggers, 5 February.

Oh! please disregard the rumour that we were having a lay day 12 February to allow a few of us to compete in the National Chartered Clubs tournament at Wanganui. With Alison having completed her Apprenticeship with Honours we can now afford to take a small break. Alison is a winner and we owe her a big debt of gratitude.


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