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Fri 11/05/2018


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HBC Community Bowls - "Mates in Bowls"

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MiB News #8, 28 January 2019

Semester Two, Round 1, 22 January 2019:

This saw a magnificent turnout of 31 teams with, I think, 97 Players matching a very high level of Bowls skills with the aim of adding to their wine cellar or perhaps more immediately, sampling the Marlborough product.

As might have been expected on an opening night we were challenged with a couple of "no shows" but I think we have this sorted and with your cooperation there will not be any problems hereon in.

Competition was tight. On Green 2 we had no 3 winners but 9 teams with 2. Balls Up comprising Blair Murray, Toby Sanderson and Paul Fleming prevailed in the end with a Draw in its 3rd game. 






On Green 1 Team B & R comprising Barbara and Robert Coley demonstrated its experience of a number of years fine tuning Bowls delivery and emerged the only 3 Winner.

TeamBR22119Our MiB Team looks forward to your company tomorrow evening. Please do not forget to advise "unavailability" to Alison via admin@huttbowls.co.nz .


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