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Fri 11/05/2018


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HBC Community Bowls - "Mates in Bowls"

MiB News #7, 21 January 2019

Re Final Round Semester One, Tuesday 18 December 2018 and Preparation for Opening Round Semester Two, Tuesday 22 January 2019.

Semester Two, Round 1, 22 January 2019:

34 Teams have registered (in a couple of cases I have assumed that they will be starters):

Balls Up, Bending Babes, Cyclists, Door Guys, Eileens Lot, Gotta Bowl, Hayden's Heroes, Holmes Detention, Holmes Invaders, Holmes Invasion, Jason Brown 1, Jason Brown 2, KGB, Les Taylor, LT McGuinness, Macpac, Masters, MPs, R & B Glass, Rates Mates, Revell Yell, Rock n Bowl, Rose's Bunch, sMash, St Jimmys Lads, The Hags, The Javelins, The Three Stooges, Triple J, Triple S, Unbeatabowls, Wombles,Team B & R (The Coleys).

Outlaws and Masters will not be playing this week so that gives us 32 teams thus filling all available Rinks. 

We will however have to make some adjustments for the remaining Rounds in the event of being faced with the happy situation of having a greater number of teams. I should be glad therefore to receive feedback on this as a possible solution: We draw from the hat a team or teams from which we will distribute players to make up other teams to 3 or 4 players. A team will only be drawn once for re distribution. Thanks.

Good luck tomorrow.

Semester One Roundup.

18 December:

Green 1: 2nd St Jimmys Lads 2 Wins +6 Differential; 1st Bending Babes 3 Wins.

Green 2: 3 x 3 Winners. Best Score, Balls Up, but have won before creating a Tie between Wombles and Door Guys calling on an additional 3 bottles from the Chiller Room.


 Bending Babes


 Door Guys & Wombles (It would appear that Heffernan cannot arise to the occasion of the delivery of his final Bowl - sign of old age?).

For full details of the Semester One results please click here.


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