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Fri 11/05/2018


Fridays 3.pm

Mon 14/05/2018


Mondays 12.15 pm

HBC Community Bowls - "Mates in Bowls"

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mib news #5, 16 November 2018

Hughie above must be thanked for another great night!

 Greens131118  Greens2131118

 For the Record:

Green 1:
Runners Up with 3 Wins, 11 Ends - Revell Yell
Winners with 3 Ends, 12 Ends - Holmes Invasion

Green 2:
Runners Up with 3 Wins, 10 Ends - 3 Stooges
Winners with 3 Wins, 11 Ends - sMash

 HOlmesInvasion131118  sMash131118
 Holmes Invasion: ?Blair Rawson, Stu Watson, James Sheerin. Apologies
for incorrect ID. Will correct when I see you next week.

 sMash: Selwyn Morgan, Mike Bignall & either Josh or Chris??
Haven't we seen Selwyn appearing in other teams? Trophy Hunter??

With only 4 x 3 Winners this week we can see that the competition is heating up. That is just what we like to see.

New technology: Many maintain that Lawn Bowls is only for degenerative people. It was therefore interesting to see this week one of the Holmes young lads using a laser to measure. I cannot help thinking though that he was taking advantage of the fact that the old guy standing watching did not have a clue as to whether the gadget was being used properly or indeed, if at all.

See you next week.


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