Indoor Bowls

Indoor bowls

Indoor Bowls is a Game for All

Indoor Bowls is a “Game for All”, family, men and women, young and old, including people with disabilities. It can be serious and competitive or played purely as a social activity. There is no need to buy a uniform and all the equipment is supplied.

About the Game

The game is played indoors on a green woollen or synthetic mat about 6.7 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.

The idea is to get your bowls to stop on the mat closer to the jack than any other player or team’s bowls.

While many players also play lawn bowls, indoor bowls are smaller and so are easier to handle for older people, youngsters, or players with disabilities.

All games are played in the Club hall at Myrtle Street.

Where and When

Our indoor bowls season starts in May, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and runs over winter until the end of August.

Games start at 1.30 pm with disc draws, galas and competitions with other clubs. Entry is free to existing Club members. An indoor bowls only sub  is $20.00

The Club also hosts the Hutt Valley Indoor Bowls  group and they generally play in the evenings.  Check out the Activities Calendar for the programme.