Indoor Bowls

Indoor bowls

Indoor Bowls is a Game for All

Indoor Bowls is a “Game for All”, family, men and women, young and old, including people with disabilities. It can be serious and competitive or, as in our Club, played mainly as a social activity. There is no need to buy a uniform and all the equipment is supplied. And being indoors, we don't have to worry about wind or rain or sunburn!

About the Game

The game is played indoors on a green woollen or synthetic mat about 6.7 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.

The idea is to get your bowls to stop on the mat closer to the jack than any other player or team’s bowls.

While many players also play lawn bowls, indoor bowls are smaller and so are easier to handle for older people, youngsters, or players with disabilities.

Where and When

We play in the Club hall at 6 Myrtle Street, Lower Hutt, behind Riddiford Gardens and the Lower Hutt Events Centre.

Our indoor bowls season started this year on Tuesday 7 June, and runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons over the winter until 1 September (or later because of our Covid-delayed starting date). Our playing format, without fixed teams, makes it particularly easy for new players to join at any time.

We ask you to arrive by 1:00 pm so that teams can be made up from those present for Games to start by 1:15 pm.  We also host galas and competitions with other clubs.

Entry for the season is free for existing Club members, but for those playing only indoor bowls the sub is $20.00. All players pay a mat fee of $3 on each afternoon, which concludes with tea/coffee and biscuits.

The Club also hosts the Hutt Valley Indoor Bowls Association and they generally play in the evenings.  Check out the Activities Calendar for the programme.

Indoor Bowls News

During this 2022 season, we require proof of Covid vaccination but the wearing of masks is optional. This is a stricter policy than for general entry to the Club facilities because of the number of players we have, all of whom interact with each other in successive games while sharing equipment, together with the difficulty of maintaining good separation, all in a winter indoors setting. New players are most welcome to join and learn from those who are more experienced. Please click on the "Make an Enquiry" box to seek further information.

2021- 2022 Results

Indoor Bowler of the Year
Ron Gray

Progressive Triples
Winner: Ron Gray
Second place: Kevin Leong
Third place: Ray Jones

Championship Fours
Winners: Lib Zande, Ron Gray, Maggie Heald, Stacey Hughes
Runners-up: Pauline Candiliotis, Gerry McKay, Lin Jin, Colin Dyer

Championship Triples
Winners: Winton Page, Des Darby, Heather Pearson
Runners-up: Pauline Candiliotis, Maggie Heald, Stacey Hughes

Championship Pairs
Winners: Alison Baker, Helen Ogilvie
Runners-up: Lib Zande, Colin Dyer.

Hutt Bowling Club vs Massey Avenue Bowling Club
Winner: Hutt Bowling Club