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Mates in Bowls News, 7 March 2018

New Year Semester, Round 4

A Bumper night with a record participation of 32 teams and 94 players. Even had the rain hold off until we had vacated the Greens.

Winners on the night were:

Green 1:
3 x 3 Winners: Top of the Pops - 1st Rates Mates Diff. 18, Ends 13; 2nd Triple S Diff 17, Ends 12, 3rd Inlaws Diff 11, Ends 11.
Team to Watch: Triple S - Played 3 Rounds; 1st No Wins, Second 1 Win and Third 3 Wins earning promotion to Green 2.

Green 2: 
3 x 3 Winners: 1st Cyclists Diff 21, Ends 12. 2nd The Stooges Diff 19, Ends 13.

MiBRatesMates27Feb18 MiBCyclists27Feb18
Rates Mates: Wayne Thomas & Ian Porter. Geoff Stuart (Absent) Cyclists: Ted Clay, Kevin Bignall and Geoff Marchant

Another great night, Tuesday 13 March 2018!

Our evening of Mates in Bowls concluded a "Big" and I mean "Big" day for the Club. Earlier we had hosted for Lunch and Bowls, the Bowls England President's Tour Party of around 50 members. 

This was followed, on their departure, with a swift change to MiB and a splendid attendance of 90 players.


Green 1:

2 x 3 Winners. 1st Gottabowl with 10 Ends and a Differential of +16 but no Wine as they had won on an earlier occasion. The Wine went to the 2nd placed team, Triple J.

Green 2:

4 x 3 Winners. First Holmes Detention, 12 Ends and Differential + 18. As this was their first win they took the Wine, leaving CyclistsR & B Glass and Rates Mates, all previous winners, with empty glasses and a sour taste in their mouths.

Of note, latecomers Triple S and Triple J have each scored the Wine and all 3 Holmes Teams have taken, at some stage, the Podium as winners.

I have placed Bill Jackson, who conducts the Draw, on notice to produce a wider cross-section of winners.

Results to date for the New Year Semester may be found here.

MiB13Feb18TripleJ MiB13FebTwo

Triple J: Jeremy Smith , Brad Campbell, Paul Boese

Holmes Detention: Shay Treacy, Blair Rawson, Alvin Naidu

2017-18 Season Grand Finale, 19 March 2018

Our best season of Mates in Bowls yet. Everything seemed to be running for us. Weather for one, with only 1 cancelled evening. The long hot Summer without any sign of the usually expected Spring Gales (sometimes incorrectly called "equinoctial gales") played into our hands, but did of course provide challenges for the Greens people. However Greens Manager, Dave Smith and his team were up to the task and minimised detrimental impacts. Many thanks to those guys.


Green 2:

3 x 3 Winners. 1st The Stooges with 13 Ends and a magnificent Differential of +22; 2nd Holmes Detention, 11 Ends, Diff 7; 3rd Cyclists (with a substitute player Selwyn Morgan) 10 Ends, Diff 6. 

Green 1:

3 x 3 Winners. First, Rose's Bunch, 14 Ends and Differential + 21. Second, MP's 12 Ends, Diff 16. Third, LTMcG, 9 Ends, Diff 9. 

 MiBGrandFinaleWombles  MiBGrandFinaleRosesBunch
 The Stooges: Chris Wolak, Bruce Patchett and Tom Robertson  Rose's Bunch: Maureen Mather who declared on paying her moneys "We are going to kill 'em tonight", Rose van Berkel and Lorreta Groves.

Special Awards:

Season Winners:

Champions (Highest overall score from all Rounds:

Lucky Draw of Teams who competed in all Rounds: 
Bending Babes

MiBGrandFinaleCyclists MiBGrandFinaleBendingBabes
Cyclists: Jeff Marchant, Ted Clay and "off course substitute for the night", Selwyn Morgan. Bending Babes: Bev Rose, Janet Reagan and Betty Campbell

Thanks to the "Staff"


Here are some of the Kitchen/Barbecue Team: Alison Stacey, the "Boss" Judith Dearsley and Frankie P. It's pretty difficult to get a shot of our team as they are on the run all the time - lucky in this case as they take a spell at the After Match.

The team comprises upwards of 12 Members who all in some way make a huge contribution to the success of the Mates in Bowls venture. I take this opportunity to express the Club's gratitude to all of them for their efforts over the Season. 

Bob V


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